INtroducing HIV RATES WITH A SCROLLing chart

This data story kicked off a series for PRI's vertical Across Women's Lives. The idea was to take this first piece and use it contextualize all the of the subsequent stories that would follow in the 10 days or so that the series would run. 

In one of our early interviews, US Global AIDS Coordinator Deborah Birx said something about the "tyranny of the averages" when it comes to HIV rates. We used this scrolling approach to help visualize that tyranny. We start with the global HIV prevalence rate, which is about . 5 percent of the world's population if you count adults and children. We use a series of headline treatments with simple statements to show the rate in East and Southern Africa, where the burden is the greatest, all the way down to the rate in young women and girls in South Africa, the focus of our series. 

For this project, I came up with the idea, did some wireframing and also wrote most of the piece, but I relied on our radio colleagues for some of the reporting, since they were in South Africa.